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Holistic Massage for Deep Relatation

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Holistic Massage + (click to enlarge)

Massage Vancouver BC, Hinton, AlbertaShahee's Holistic Intuitive Massage Therapy is a whole mind, body, soul, massage that draws from various natural healing & rejuvenation techniques. He uses his own unique blend of Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki Energy work, Bilateral Stimulation, Sound Therapy, & Color Therapy

Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation  By blending a Swedish style stroke with the traditional shiatsu points, using warm oils and integrating all the various other techniques I will leave you feeling like you are floating on cloud nine! Your Holistic Massage will Include often overlooked areas such as your face, hands, feet, chest, stomach, hips & glutes. Being non-sexual, it is deeply shifting and very soothing! Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCFeel deep relaxation & reinvigoration by enjoying regular Holistic Massages. This powerful Hot Stone Massageantidote to stress has many physiological and psychological benefits that will help you feel the deep rejuvenation you are really yearning for! Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCImprove your circulation of your blood & lymphatic systems. Reduce inflamation & blood pressure. Strengthen your immune system, relieve muscle tension and stiffness! Massage also anchors us and enhances calm thinking and centered-ness. You will feel refreshed, strong, and relaxed in your body! Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCCome pamper your self, and set yourself adrift in a sea of bliss as you feel cascading hands washing over you, as you float by on a cloud of dreams! Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BC

"Your massage will leave you deeply relaxed,
or I'll provide it FREE Guaranteed!"

What are the Benefits of a Holistic Massage? + (click)

* Relief of Back and Other Pains
* Lowered Blood Pressure
* Structural Re-balancing
* Detoxes Lactic Acid Build-up
* & Alkalizes Your Body
* Clear Blocks in muscular and lymphatic systems
* Feel & Become Youthfully Rejuvenated
* Increased Flexibility - Improves Posture
* Tension Headache relief
* Heightened Awareness

* Stress Relief & Deep Relaxation
* Reduced tension and anxiety * Mental Clarity & Focus * Spiritual Centered-ness * Balances & Clear Blocks in Energy Body * Guided Meditation (mind's eye following) * Time to Reflect on Current Life & Your Goals * Satisfies Human Need for Touch & Contact
What oils do you use? + (click)

My home made massage oil blend consists of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive and select high quality organic essential oils, chosen for both their beautiful natural sents as well as their specific healing properties. If you have any allergies or do not wish to use oils please let me know ahead of time so I can customize your session to suite your needs.

Some of the Essences I use are: -Eucalyptus -Lemon
-Lavender -Vanilla
-Peppermint -Sandal Wood
-Patchouli -Ylang Ylang
-Lime -Bergamot

I usually make a lightly scented simple blend of 3 or 4 essences in the massage oil.
How do you create 'Safe Space' & what does it mean? + (click)

Safe space means a sanctuary. A safe place of positive relaxing energy where you can deeply relax and become present to your spirit, letting go to bring your mind back into your present body. This happens in a warm peaceful environment, while having the aches and sore muscles eased under intuitively guided, caring & nurturing hands. I use my own blend of holistic techniques including aromatherapy, intuitive touch, heated room and warm essential oils, ethereal music, color therapy and a nurturing, compassionate and warm personality to help you relax and trust you are safe to truly relax.
Is there Sexual touch involved? + (click)

Sex is easy to find - what is not, is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience. What could possibly be better than sex? By holding safe space for you, using a holistic (whole body/mind/soul) approach, in the comfort of a safe non-threatening, sex free environment, you can fully relax and feel deeply shifted, and feel the lightness in your body for a long time after! I offer non-sexual Massage that is sensual and deeply rejuvenating!
What if I get an erection? + (click)

Laying there relaxed on the table, with the feeling of human hands and feeling the flow of fluids and energy your body, little willy can sometimes decide to make an appearance!

Massage gives you a similar cosy morning stretchy, hard-on feeling that guys often experience in the mornings. This is happens when your body is relaxed and detoxing - since you have been fasting, cosy in bed doing a mini detox all night, before 'break-fast'. Toxins are being flushed out of the tissue into the blood stream for elimination, and more energy is flowing through your body, and your vascular system is more relaxed and dialated. Sometimes a guy, without a sexual thought in his mind, will get hard.

However, when you start to worry about getting 'hard' you start to hold tension. In 'Trying not to' you don't fully relax and retain more stress. This is obviously counter productive, so I believe it is important to let clients know that this can happen. 'they' come and 'they' go. I hold safe space and as I remain focused on my work, continuing to allow you to relax, drift & rejuvenate!

Vancouver Male Massage, Male Massage Vancouver, Vancouver male massage therapist, gay massage Vancouver, Vancouver Gay Massage, body full massage Vancouver, man massage Vancouver, Vancouver massage nude, Vancouver non-sexual Massage, Vancouver gay male massage, Vancouver massage therapist, vancouver massage therapy, Vancouver Nude massage, Vancouver gay nude massage, Vancouver gay massage therapist, Vancouver gay nude massage, Vancouver gay naked massage, Vancouver holistic masage nude, Vancouver gay nude male massage, gay male massage vancouver bc, holistic massage therapy Vancouver, bc gay male massage VancouverEach holistic massage session includes the above mentioned modalities. You can also add a Guided Meditation, or Breathwork or Reiki session to your Holistic Intuitive Massage, if you like, as well.

Shiatsu + (click)

Shiatsu Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCA Japanese systems of finger-pressure massage which treat special points along acupuncture meridians - the invisible channels of energy flow in the body. Blocked energy along these meridians can cause discomfort and disease, so the aim is to release the blocks and re-balance the energy flow. Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCThe finger point pressure of Shiatsu can be deeply effective because it activates energy at the "chi" meridians. Energy is the messenger within the body. Shiatsu does not treat symptoms, but seeks the removal of their source. It is known as a Yang process (balancing from outside to inside) where by contrast, nutrition & herbology are more of Yin processes (from the inside out).

Swedish Massage + (click)

Swedish Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCA classical European massage technique of the muscles with special oils by therapeutic stroking and kneading of muscle tissue to promote stress relief. It is used to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension, increase flexibility and induce relaxation. It combines three basic strokes to the skin: long, firm strokes; kneading strokes; and small circles. This is the most common and a very enjoyable form of massage!
Hot Stone Massage + (click)

Swedish Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BC
Hot stone massage is a massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Hot stones warmed by fire were used by Native Americans to treat aching muscles. Most spas offer their own styles of hot stone massage (they might call it lava stone massage, river rock massage, warm stone massage and so on.)
Bodywork Rates & Specials + (click)

Sliding scale availible for those in need.

1 hour Swedish Massage: $90
1 hour Shiatsu: $90
1 hour Reiki: $90
1 hour Hot Stone Massage: $90
1 hour Holistic Massage: $110

90 Min Full Holistic Massage: $165
2 Hour Deluxe Holistic Massage: $220

One of the secrets to vital heath is regularly honoring your body with great massages! Massage may be one of the oldest and globally time tested and proven. Select your package below and recieve a health encouraging bonus discount!

Three Full 90 min Holistic Massages: $396 ($99 OFF)
Three Deluxe 2 hour Holistic Massages: $ 520 ($140 OFF)

Energy Work

Reiki & Energy Work + (click)

Energy Work / Pranic Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCEvery single cell in your body is made up of molicules, and those molicules are made of of atoms, and at the atomic level, you are a field of vibrating energy. Quantum Physics now confirms what the ancient traditions have been telling us all along. Energy Work, otherwise known as Reiki, or Pranic Healing is the science and art of using energy (or prana in India) to calm, sooth and heal. Prana (also known as chi / vital energy / universal energy) is the body's life force energy and is distributed around the body via a number of chakras or energy centre. Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCThe word Reiki comes from two Japanese words - Rei and Ki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy. It is a gentle Japanese technique of laying on of hands to bring energy into the body for deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCThe term "Reiki" is used to describe both the energy and the system of using it. The original system by Usui was called Usui Reiki Ryoho. There are many variant's of Reiki being practiced these days.

In 2006 / 2007 I gained my levels I, II & III Reiki Master Certification under the Usui Reiki tradition.

Prana / Chi / Ki / Bio Electric Energy / Ruach / Breath of LifePrana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruach or the Breath of Life in Hebrew.

Chi energy from a leafPranic healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of non-physical-touch energy healing. It is based on the principles that the body is a self-healing and a living entity which possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing processes can be accelerated by increasing this life force.

Prana is readily available from many sources, such as the sun, air as well as from "within" from our connection to nature and the universe, and we are all born with it, and have access to it, and with practice can develope the strength of our pranic / chi / ki / bio electric energy. This energy has been known in the east and in most places in the world, but was forgotten in the west for the most part due to book burnings, witch hunts, inquisitions and only now again is western science catching up with what the ancients knew.

Vibrational Healing

Aromatherapy + (click) Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCScent is the most powerful of all our senses. At first whiff of a scent, messages are sent to the limbic system of the brain, which controls our emotions. The use of fragrant, natural, botanical essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers has been used as a healing art since ancient times. Aromatherapy refreshes and relaxes the skin while soothing the mind by helping to induce a sense of well-being. Each individual essence is used to produce specific beneficial effects.
Color Therapy + (click)

Color Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCWhen you put someone who is angry or agitated in a blue or green room it has a calming effect on that person. Where as if a person was feeling a bit depressed, the yellow of the sun can brighten our mood and help us feel a bit better. Chromotherapy, sometimes called colour therapy or colourology, chromopathy, chromotherapy, or color healing is used to subtly influence the body.

  Color frequencies can influence our emotional, mental and physical frequencies that our bodies are made up of.

  You will be bathed in deep color using very specific frequency color gels during your holistic intuitive massage treatment!

Sound Therapy + (click)

Sound Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCWhile Bilateral Stimulation could be considered sound therapy, sound therapy generally refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions. One of these therapies is music therapy, which can involve a person listening to music for conditions such as stress and muscle tension. Everyone in the world loves music. We instinctually know to seek music to heal our soul. Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BC The healing sound may be produced by an instrument such as bells, tuning forks, didjerydoo, voice and even electronic equipment, however I use traditional chanting bowls (Tibetan Singing Bowls), &/or tuned forks / chimes. Others use specific sound wave harmonic frequencies to influence the subtle body and your emotional state.

  A great illustration of how tones can affect the body can be seen on this video.

  As the rice is sitting on a steal plate it forms new mandalas in response to each tone. A particular resonance is found that then pops these new "states" into being. Manadals like these have been seen in ancient text and sacred dwellings all over the world.
In general, this therapy is based on the realization that all of life & the universe is a field of vibrating energy, and ths includes people's bodies. When a person's healthy resonant frequency is out of balance, physical and emotional health is affected. Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCTreatment by sound waves makes you feel great! You feel a returned healthy balance to the mind and body.

Meditative Arts

Meditation + (click)

Meditation TherapyMeditationMeditation usually refers to a state in which the body is consciously relaxed and the mind is allowed to become calm and focused. Several major religions include ritual meditation; however, meditation itself need not be a religious or spiritual activity. To contemplate or reflect in a state of relaxed focus brings clarity and a more objective centered state of mind.

Become more centered by learning some simple techniques to clear your mind. Not only relaxing, it helps your memory, gives you a clearer more calm and alert mind and helps your sleeping letting you wake-up refreshed. You can experience greater peace, joy and stability in your personal and professional life.

Manifestation Meditations + (click)

Meditation TherapyWe all have the ability to manifest, we do it all the time, most of the time unconsciously. Many of the things around us that we take for granted were first, originally, 'just' a dream in our mind! We are surrounded by things that were once a dream in a person's mind. Objects which were once a idea, before being elaborated on, then refined and sharpened into fucus, before being made physically.

Conscious manifestation is a natural skill we can become aware of and fine tune into a powerful instrument. In Buddhism it is talked about as the four fold path of creation. The Native North American medicine wheel as well as all other shamanic wheels represent this as well. Once we know each part of the process, we can then step into a whole new realm; that of conscious manifestation, a path of learning, healing, growth, and spiritual determination. The key is; 'The Law Of Attraction'; Like attracts like. Just being born with opposing thumbs, we are inherently creators, however once we learn to focus our intent, visualise our selves having it, get clear about the essencential quality it will bring into out lifes, think & feel positivily about having it, and allow our selves to be receptive to what ever path or ideas open up to us, and receiving that essence in what ever form it presents it's self, then we really start bringing what we choose into our experience!

Guided meditations are effective in bringing your wishes through your subconscious world and into your physical reality. With the help of relaxation practices the mind can become quiet and focused. In a candle lit atmosphere with refreshing essenses in the air, ambient music, I will gently guide you through the process of visualizing, getting clear about the details and manifesting what you truly want in your life! Best of all it is a skill that you take with you!
Bilateral Stimulation + (click)

Bilateral Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCThis is a new audio technology based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity. Our brains produce waves or patterns of electrical activity. Different patterns indicate different mental states, such as physical activity (wide-spread Beta), rest (occipital Alpha), meditation (central and frontal Theta), deep sleep (central Delta). Hemi-Sync's audio binaural beats influence these brainwave patterns and provides experiences in focused states of consciousness.

BETA (14 - 30 Hz) dominate the normal waking state of consciousness when-attention is directed towards the outside world. Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition, higher levels associated with anziety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight.

ALPHA (8-13.9 Hz) during dreaming, light meditation when the eyes-are closed, relaxation, superlearning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serontonin producion, pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, meditation, beginning of access to unconscious mind.

THETA (4-7.9 Hz) Occurs in sleep and are dominate in the highest state of mediation. Dreaming sleep (REM sleep), increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity, integrative emotional experiences, potential change in behavior, increased retention of learned material.

DELTA (0.1 to 3.9 cycles per second) In deep meditation and deep-sleep, dreamless sleep, human growth hormone released, deep trance-like, non-physical state, loss of body awareness, access to unconscious and "collective unconscious" mind. Holosync has developed a incredible set of audio meditations that sequentially lower a background harmonic in a very precise way, that luls you towards deeply relaxed states of consciousness and regeneration. Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCThis track is said to be based off of the brain wave frequencies of meditating Tibetian monks who were being observed. Listening with headphones you hear some ocean waves in the foreground while in the background there is a low harmonic thta they osilate from one ear to the other, and there will be sequential deepenings of the harmonic tone, lulling you into a cosy deep state of aware relaxation.


Breathwork + (click)

Breath work TherapyBreathworkBreathwork rejuvenates the body and mind & can release emotional memories that are stored in the body. It is also used to reach deep inner peace, clarity, relaxation and healing on many levels.

Regulation of breathing is a crucial element in the body/mind connection, because it can bring about a deep state of relaxation and awareness. Breathing techniques promote spontaneous, non-ordinary states of consciousness, opening a person to all levels of experience where memories and basic emotional attitudes can be explored.

There are various ways to do this, including simply counting breaths, to tandem breathing with a partner, Chanting 'Ohms' (or anything else for that matter), to Fire Breathing. Actually being aware of your breath is central to many arts from yoga & Tai Chi, Singing and athletics, as it helps one becoming more centered, focused & present.

Refreshen your way to clarity & vitality!
Tandem Breathing + (click)

Synchronizing your breathing with someone else's is an amazing way of connecting yourself with your breath, and also with the other person. This helps you balence activily breathing with being receptive to your partners breath. Like dancing a dance where neither you nor your partner is leading, where you are both equally receptive & active. Most people find this to be an incredible mind-blowing experience, that opens up your heart chakra, and aligns your energy with your partner, creating a blissful feeling of connection & compassion! There are multiple ways to do this technique, so come and try it out and see what you think!
Chanting + (click)

Vocalizations that help you focus breathing in deep cyclical breath patterns. Chanting can be a much easier technique to maintain than meditation or yoga, because when your mind wanders and you forget to chant the next out breath, the sound echoes in your mind, reminding you to continue. This technique, deepens your breath, while opening up your vocal cords, increasing the amount of oxygen your blood has, alkalizing your body, relaxing you, and also allows you to hear your intuition more clearly, through centeredness and a more objective perspective. Very therapeutic, and soothing.
Toning + (click)

This is a special technique that uses harmonics to vocalize a tone that reverbarates in a certain way that seems to almost create a sound tunnel in frount of you. By shaping the sounds that come out of your lungs, mouth and nasal canal, you can create a clear ringing, or whistling like 'sound tunnel' reverberating the air in front of you. This kind of thing you can't really explain - it's one of those experiences you just have to try for yourself!

Wellness Coaching

Living-Foods Nutrition Coaching + (click)

Swedish Massageliving & raw foods nutritionLiving-foods, simply put, is all about eating foods which have not been damaged by high levels of heat (or radiation). Every animal except many humans, eat their food in their natural raw state with all nutrients and enzymes in tact. Enzymes are the very catalyst for every metobolic funtion in your body, including digestion. We become what we eat. Over a life time, what we eat either diminishes us (promoting aging & degeneration) or fortifies us, leading to health throughout our lives. "Living" or fresh (enzyme rich) fruits & vegitables, nuts & seeds help keep your body fresh, healthy & beautiful, and nourish your body with the most bio-assimilatable nutrients (the stuff your cells can absorb and use), in the most evolutionarily familure way.

Rates; + (click)

 Are you looking for on-going guidance and mentoring? I can provide you with support in person, online, and by phone.

  weekly bi-weekly monthly
  Personal Couple Personal Couple Personal Couple
In Person $30/hr $40/hr $30/hr $40/hr $25/hr $35/hr
Online Chat $25/hr $35/hr $25/hr $35/hr $20/hr $30/hr
Phone $25/hr $35/hr $25/hr $35/hr $20/hr $30/hr

Recommended; a committment of between 3 weeks and 3 months to fully habitualize your new skills

In Situ Retreat + (click)

living & raw foods nutritionGourmet Living Foods Chef & Holistic NutritionistHave you taken some steps towards living healthier, but feel you need some support to take you to the next level? Often guidance & support from someone with experience can make all the difference. The main goal of all people, across all cultures is to to be happy, healthy and long lived. Unfortunately in our modern lifes we often feel stressed, have debt, disease and ill health, and we loose that health because we just do not have the time to focus on nurchuring our selves. If you are low on energy, feeling malnurished, stressed, have anxiety, depression or simply just want to live a healthier life style, my In situ (in home) retreat is the perfect chance for you to gain control not only over your body but your mind, spirit and life! I bring a gentle, nurturing, patient & compassionate personality to your experience & can assist you in getting the knowledge & nourishment you need. Together we can design a long term health plan that can work for you and your aspired lifestyle. Holistic Rejuvenation and Intuitive Massage, Vancouver and Seattle"Shahee is awesome. He has the coolest, most laid back energy and just shines of light. I'm always at ease around him. He taught me a lot about the benefits of eating Raw Foods and prepared some of the most delicious Raw Food meals while staying with me for the summer. He is quite knowledgable about anything that has to do with natural-living. It's like he's the son of Mother Nature and is an encyclopedia of information when it comes to topic of natural living. I can honestly say my life has been touched in a positive and healthy way from meeting and knowing him." - Rick, Vancouver BC / Florida

...More Testimonials here Holistic Rejuvenation and Intuitive Massage, Vancouver and Seattle My goal is to help you eliviate physiological stress, mental anxiety and to help you feel whole and connected, and to teach you some basics of natural healthy life, so you can really live the vibrant healthy prosperious life we have all known deep down that we were meant to experience. Holistic Rejuvenation and Intuitive Massage, Vancouver and SeattleIncluded are natural nutrition & lifestyle guidance sessions, recipes & prep classes, weekly 90 min holistic massages, meditation, body awareness practices, exercise, personal expression, manifestation and coaching (journaling is recommended), all to provide you with key insights, tools & habits to be vitally healthy for life! Holistic Rejuvenation and Intuitive Massage, Vancouver and SeattleUsing a holistic approach we will honor your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health through a balance of activities including integration of a healthy diet, exercise, meditation, educational teachings, time in nature, personal expression, exploration and play! * You can choose a favorite location for your retreat as well.
(however I believe this is most effective if learned in your familure home environment.) living & raw foods nutrition I can work In Home with you, as your guide & coach, preparing meals with you, to show you how to prepare deliciously wholesome meals yourself, building the confidence and habbit you want for a healthy future! The goal is to set you up on your feet IN your life & home, rather than having to go away to a holistic retreat center somwhere else, and then try to recall what you've learned when you return home, I offer you In Situ (on-location) private training.

Included are weekly 1.5 hour holistic massages as well as meditation, body awareness practices, natural nutrition & lifestyle guidance sessions, prep classes & recipes, exercise, goal coaching and journaling all to provide you with the insights, tools & habits to be vitally healthy for life!

My In Situ (In-Home) Holistic Retreats are self-empowerment programs that teach you the life skills & provide you the knowledge and experience to have habitual true HEALTH in your life, rather than trying to fight 'DIS-EASE'. These retreats are designed to nourish, strengthen & empower you with private lessons & support, helping you find root causes of problems rather than playing with symptoms & drugs - so you can build true health!

Benefits + (click)

  • Learn Natural Holistic Nutrition & how to gain vital health; Be Free of dis-ease for good by bringing the root of your health; your homeostasis, into balance. Heal 'dis-ease' and achieve ease; vibrant health with natural nutrition & life skills!
    • Homeostatic Balance; The quintessential key to health
    • Why Acid/Alkaline Balance is so important
    • Healing Foods & Herbs
    • Enzyme Preservation & Inhibitors
    • The Protein Secret
    • Glycemic Index & Low Glycemic Foods
    • Why gluten is just gluing you up!
    • Basics of Food Combination Principles
    • Cultured Foods & how to culture them
    • Sprouted Foods & Sprouting
    • Dried Foods & how to Dehydrate them!
    • Juice Fasting & Detoxification
    • Nutritional Bombs; the Super Foods
    • What is the truth behind Protein?
    • What about Vitamin B12?
  • Shopping tours; Un-fooled by marketing! What to look for in healthy fresh food.
  • Rid yourself of unharmonic habit's for good! If you have the will, I can show you the nutritious way to support your detox & make the transition much easier, by replacing the bad with the good!
  • Living-Food Preparation; Nourish & Satisfy your body on any budget
    • Chopping & Knife Skills
    • The basics of Gourmet Living-Food Cuisine
    • Spices & Herbs
    • Gourmet Entres, Salads & Dressings
    • Smoothies, Juices, and drinks
    • Break-fasts
    • Sprouted Breads & Crackers
    • Pasta like dishes
    • Soups
    • Living Deserts
    • Nut meats & cheeses
    • Cultured foods
    • Ethnic flavors
    • Translating Your favorite dishes to raw
  • Private Chef Service; Treat your self to freshly prepared gourmet meals while you learn how to live healthy!
  • Selecting healthy food prep equipment
  • Organized kitchen for easy effective food preparation
  • Shopping tours; things to look for and look out for, non-toxic personal hygiene alternatives; soaps, deodorants, toothpastes etc.
  • Supervision by someone who is not just interested in treating one condition, or addiction, but in helping you achieve your highest level of health and success in the long run!
  • Relax & de-stress your recovering body with Holistic Intuitive Massage; 90 min session included
  • Unwind & revel in a relaxed clear mind with Guided Meditation
  • Fire up your metabolism freely through Breathwork!
  • Find your youth all over again by experiencing Tai Chi
  • Listen to your hearts true desires with Guided Manifestation work & become clear about what's important to you and learn how to align your self for receiving it!

 "...After 3 long years of torturous illness I almost cannot believe it and a part of me is unable to believe it. How can one man make such a difference when a team of medical doctors with several years of schooling not know the answer. I am greatly indebt. What do you say to someone that gives you your life back. I know many people do not believe in testimonials, but this is legit. This man is the real deal. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Whatever aliment you are dealing with I am confident that with Shahee's knowledge, guidance, and passion you WILL recover what was lost..." - Jason, Vancouver, British Columbia (More Testimonials here) Holistic Rejuvenation and Intuitive Massage, Vancouver and SeattleYour experience will be tailored to your individual situation. I welcome you to take the next step in your healthy evolution!

Practicalities + (click)

  • You can choose a favorite location for your personalized retreat.
  • T&E costs are not included
  • This holisic multi-modality approach is more effective for you when done 'In Situ' (In Home), empowering you with the habits you need, in your familiar home environment.)
Holistic Relaxation Retreat + (click)

 A more unstructured retreat with more private time on your own to rest, read, journal, meditate, lounge in the sunshine, or listen to music. Think of it as break from stress and the demands of daily life. This Retreat allows you to slow down and get back in touch with yourself again.

 I invite you to unwind & have healthy dinners prepared with you by an experienced Gourmet Living-Foods Chef. Allow your self to unplug, turn off the phones, put aside the many "to-do's" for a while. Whether for three weeks or three months, we'll enjoy nature and luxury. From Holistic Intuitive Massage to walks in the forest to reconnect with nature, and nourishing gourmet living-foods meals, casual nutritional guidance, Tai Chi, meditation etc. we will customize a wholesomely healing and learning hiatus for you to rest, center and refresh your inspiration, and really live healthy, thriving as we are meant to!

Reconnect with your core being with casual afternoons, cat naps, meditate, yoga, do some art, or a good book. This retreat intentionally allows you to slow down so you can re-attune to your own natural rhythms again!

 A fresh juice cleanse is optional for the 'Holistic Rejuvenation' retreat.

Per Week; $950.00, couples $1650
Recommended; a committment of between 3 weeks and 3 months to fully habitualize these skills

Workshops + (click)

living & raw foods nutritionOnline workshops currently scheduled can be accessed on our facebook page here. Or contact me here if you would like to be recieve the invite for any of the upcomming on location workshops that interest you or personal coaching.

  • Raw Food Basics
  • Gourmet Salads & Dressings
  • Raw Breakfasts & Smoothie
  • Raw Desserts
  • Healing Foods
  • Art of Translation; conventional to living-foods
  • Sprouting
  • Dehydration
  • Cultured Foods
  • Where do the best bio-available protein comes from?
  • Nut Mylks / Creams / Butters / Meats
  • Sprouted Breads and Crackers
  • Flavors of the world; The art of ethnic tastes
  • Store-able Raw Foods
  • Living-Foods Deserts
  • Raw Chocolate
  • Raw Cookies
  • Raw Pies
  • Raw Cakes
  • How to make your own non-toxic hygienic products; tooth paste, lotion, hair products etc.

As well as;

  • Holistic Massage Workshop
  • Reiki Workshop
  • Playing the Didgeridoo Workshop
  • Meditation & Chanting Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions + (click)
Can you contact me if / when you come through my city? + (click)

Yes! I love traveling and may be coming to your city soon! If you are interested in me contacting you when I'm coming, please send me a message below with your contact information. click here
Where are your client testimonials? + (click)

To view my client testimonials, please click here.
Where is your healing studio? Do you make out-calls? + (click)

Currently we have a beautiful location at Awakening Heart, in White Rock, and one in West Vancouver.

We make out-calls in and around Vancouver, N&W Van, and White Rock areas. Depending on distance there maybe an additional travel fee.
For 'Out-calls' do you bring your Massage Table? + (click)

Usually not, as it is comboursome to carry, however if you require your neck to be positioned straight when your on your stomach due to neck / back problems, just let me know ahead of time and I will bring it with me to your location.
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+ (click here) Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BC I can be reached at (604) 800-2701, at one @ or below. You can optionally prepay with the paypal links to recieve the pre-pay discount. Please include;
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How much notice should I give you? Holistic Massage & Rejuvenation, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, North Vancouver BC, West Vancouver BCIf you are able, please call me at your earliest convenience and try to book one day or two days or more before the time you want to book your session, this helps me with planning my days & being more productive and is greatly appreciated! However same day apointments may also be availible. You can call or text message me, Shahee at (604) 771-7186 or send me a message above. Bookmark us!

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* Holistic: (ho•lis•tik) Holism (from holon, a Greek word meaning whole entity) + (click)

Also spelt wholistic. It is about the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Seeing the individual as a whole organic person, integrated; a complete system, greater than the sum of its parts, and all the physical, mental, and social factors in the patient's condition are taken into account, rather than just the diagnosed disease by focusing on particular symptoms, body parts or systems.

Holistic healing is a natural approach to healing where practitioners may advise changes in diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors to help treat a patient's condition. Holistic Health Care has also become known internationally as 'Wellness' care.

“The sickness business is reactive. Despite its enormous size, people become customers only when they are stricken by and react to a specific condition or ailment.”

“The wellness business is proactive. People voluntarily become customers – to feel healthier, to reduce the effects of aging, and to avoid becoming customers of the sickness business. Everyone wants to be a customer of this earlier-stage approach to health.”
"leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food " Hippocrates