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Testimonials -

"Words alone cannot express how grateful I am to have Shahee as a friend and a holistic healer. For over three years I was plagued with horrible digestion problems otherwise known in the medical community as "IBS" I was informed by numerous doctors and specialists that there was no cure. I simply could not accept this, and conducted my own studies into the issue. Over time I became exhausted and frustrated by the lack of compassion and understanding within the medical community to treat this condition. I thought that these people were supposed to treat and cure illness - how foolish I was. In most situations I was pushed aside for other more 'serious' conditions given very little time to express my concern and discuss treatment options. Instead of healing or bringing balance, this community of 'healers' sought to simply mask the symptoms rather then root out the cause of the illness. It was obvious for me to see that this was their plan and it was one that I was not happy about.

Over the course of time I tried various products which were intended to ease my symptoms, however they were met with little success. Most doctors sought to prescribe anti-depressants yet they failed to realize that if I cured my condition I would no longer be depressed. The bill for the medications did not sit well with me and I knew that no good could come from taking these products over a long term period of time let alone a short period of time. I did not wish to be a slave to the pharmaceutical companies and took myself off the medications. After exhausting my resources over the years I had hit a brick wall and started to feel as if these 'doctors' were right. Maybe there really was no cure for my ailment. Whatever I ate brought discomfort and unease to my system, so I went on a junk food binge eating whatever I wanted since it didn't seem to matter anyway. In the beginning it felt as if someone was taking razor blades to my intestines. I suffered with alternating constipation and diarrhea. I loathed to get up and live each day since I knew what would come of it. I had almost completely given up on life and lived to indulge not caring about the consequences of my actions. I became suicidal and set out a plan of action in that direction.

I met Shahee a number of years ago, but was not aware of his interest in the arts of healing. It wasn't until five months ago that I learned of his desire to help people recover lost health and retain a balanced life. I was completely shocked to hear what he had to say about my condition. It came from his lips as if it was completely obvious and curable. I was skeptical at first, since no one else mentioned what he disclosed with me. I followed his guidelines that he set forth. It was difficult and challenging, but I was determined to regain my health and since nothing else had worked for me I was more then willing to give it a chance which was better then the alternative.

Shahee took me shopping and whipped up a dish for me. There was no disturbance with my digestion - I felt something very special at that point. I felt as if this could actually work. Within a month my digestion and bowel movements began to normalize. Shahee agreed to stay with me over the course of my healing process as an advisor bestowing a great deal of knowledge, helping to prepare dishes, shop for foods, teach nutrition, and be an ear to listen in times of distress and frustration. To this date my digestion has completely healed. After 3 long years of torturous illness I almost cannot believe it and a part of me is unable to believe it. How can one man make such a difference when a team of medical doctors with several years of schooling not know the answer.

I am greatly indebt. What do you say to someone that gives you your life back. I know many people do not believe in testimonials, but this is legit. This man is the real deal. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Whatever aliment you are dealing with I am confident that with Shahee's knowledge, guidance, and passion you WILL recover what was lost. To this date I still continue to follow Shahee's advise. I have largely integrated his nutritional guidance as a staple for my living. My body is much more receptive and communicates what is good and what is bad. I no longer indulge in foods that are harmful to me. I have yet to eat any fast food since i've been following his advise. I feel great! I have taken up weight training and i'm looking forward to many years of good health!" - Jason, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Recently while vacationing in Vancouver, I received a massage from Shahee, and the first thing I noticed was that he radiated good health. I swear his footfalls could have left light. I asked him about his diet, raw foods or living-foods, which I had read about on his web site, and he began a story that I am still very much learning. That day, seeing him and hearing him, I went living-foods. I doubt I shall ever change my diet again.

"The transformation in me (I thought I already was the healthiest of eaters) in just under a month has been dramatic. I look great, not my judgment, my friends observations. I feel superbly well. My energy level could not be higher. And a silly little set of symptoms I have had for years - which had stymied every doctor Ive seen (Oh thats candida, Shahee said. Lot's of all people have it and don't know it. Heres how you get rid of it through diet.) those silly little symptoms have disappeared. Thats just for starters. The food I eat is delicious. Every question I had in going raw, was answered through email by Shahee, promptly. More than a great way of living I now have a great new friend.

"You see, everything that Shahee does grows out of his philosophy of life: that what we do in love for each other we do for the planet, and what we do best for the planet flows seamlessly from our deepest selves. Shahee makes food that our earliest ancestors would recognize for its naturalness. Food that we can delight in for its taste, and thrive on for its nutrition!

"Shahee came to visit my home in Olympia for four days, and I was determined that he was not going to lift a finger for any of the time - just a small way for me to say thanks. That lasted about half a day. He introduced me to more new dishes, (a few of whose website photographs he took on my table!). He showed me tricks like how to get the avocado seed out in a pop. He showed me technique after techniquetry making sweet cashew and raw chocolate sauce. He took me shopping.

"While shopping in the local supermarket (a very good one I might add) Shahee was looking for a 'product that was part of his recipe for Nori Rolls. The staff of the store located the product, and Shahee scanned the list of ingredients and before it made the cart, he stopped, thanked the staff, and returned the product to the shelf. I asked him what had been wrong. Shahee told me of the ingredient he had spotted (Aspertame) and enlightened me about why it is unhealthy. We ended up going to the local Asian market, where the product was available too, this time without the offending ingredient. What has really come clear just today about that episode is that Shahee went to all of that trouble for me. He wanted me to have the very best food to put into my body, that was the lesson. I was his friend, and Shahee's friends get only the full benefit of his knowledge and experience.

"And what kind of guest did I have? I am a raconteur of no small ability nor shallow depth, and I found myself continually stretched and moved by this genuine man, whether it was the documentary on DVD he had brought with him to share or superb and uncanny insights he offered in conversation about life in the world today and its challenges. I was damned sorry to see him go.

"The way we are going to effect profound and beneficial change on this planet, this beautiful, frail blue globe we all share, is through the actions and commitment of single individuals, beginning with the inspiration of an intelligent, loving, and (I know he is shy for me to say it) enlightened individual. A great-hearted and humble person, a true man like my beloved friend Shahee." - Dixon, Glengary, West Virginia; Teacher

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* Holistic: (ho•lis•tik) Holism (from holon, a Greek word meaning whole entity) + (click)

Also spelt wholistic. It is about the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Seeing the individual as a whole organic person, integrated; a complete system, greater than the sum of its parts, and all the physical, mental, and social factors in the patient's condition are taken into account, rather than just the diagnosed disease by focusing on particular symptoms, body parts or systems.

Holistic healing is a natural approach to healing where practitioners may advise changes in diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors to help treat a patient's condition. Holistic Health Care has also become known internationally as 'Wellness' care.

“The sickness business is reactive. Despite its enormous size, people become customers only when they are stricken by and react to a specific condition or ailment.”

“The wellness business is proactive. People voluntarily become customers – to feel healthier, to reduce the effects of aging, and to avoid becoming customers of the sickness business. Everyone wants to be a customer of this earlier-stage approach to health.”
"leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food " Hippocrates